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Project management

The process in detail

Step 1: Reality check of the target definition, project plan

  • At the beginning of the cooperation, we check the target definition again and adapt it to your current situation if necessary. This is an important step in this comprehensive process in particular, so that you have a really realistic goal in mind.

  • When implementing your project plan, you focus on what you consider to be the three critical framework conditions. These bring the greatest effect in your company and it is profitable for you to implement them with external support. The appropriate framework conditions must be set for this by clarifying which support services you need from us.

  • The finished project plan completes step 1.

Step 2: The implementation

  • In this step, you successfully implement each of the three framework conditions with our support. The measures are implemented step by step by the responsible persons in your company, while we do the preliminary work as required. The planning can turn out to be in need of improvement during implementation, which is why it may have to be adjusted. This requires a regular review of the chosen path. In weekly reviews and coaching with us, you make sure that you choose the best possible path and that you get exactly the clarity you need in the implementation. In addition to this, you can get  support via phone and email. This keeps the momentum high and the necessary change you desire actually takes hold.


Step 3: Learn from peers

  • During the implementation phase, you or your responsible managers have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs via video conference. Like you, they are implementing their own framework and have similar challenges to yours or have already solved them. Through an exchange with other entrepreneurs, you will learn how they have solved their challenges and thus receive inspiration and support from practitioners like you. You also have the option of expanding your network. 

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